Episode 11

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Black Wealth

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My Brother and Me Podcast episode 4

Bored at work? Need a good laugh? Need some entertainment? Click on the link and check out my podcast on soundcloud. 😆


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You’re nice to me when you Want to BE. Until you get what you want from ME. Then you’ll go back to being bad COMPANY, negative ENERGY.

Couples argue all the time, I GET THAT. But putting me down more then you lift me up, I’m not WITH THAT. 

The sex won’t keep me happy neither WILL the MEALS. I wanna be sensitive around you and understood when I tell you how I FEEL. 

Without you JUDGING ME. Long story short I need you LOVING ME. Let’s take it back to when we enjoyed each other’s COMPANY. 

But you’re so damaged that fighting is the NORM. After a stressful day at work I come home to another STORM…


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She might have cheated

She told me ” if you’re faithful then I’m faithful. If you cheat then I’ll  CHEAT.”
I just stood there, couldn’t SPEAK. LOOKING WEAK.

Thinking in my HEAD about how many women I let in my BED. And the fact that one man could’ve had you while I was away got me wanting to hurt somebody BAD.

Just because I did it doesn’t mean you can DO YOU. What I didn’t know was my actions was her INFLUENCE.

She never caught me but you know women KNOW. And men are SLOW, had she not Said what she said I would’ve  never KNOWN.

About possible AFFAIRS. Her body that she SHARED. I could’ve never been PREPARED for the words that went in my EARS.

I’m as tough as they come but tonight I cried like a BABY. Knowing that some other guy possibly had sex with my LADY

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The Ex

When you see your ex in person you’re suppose to act like you don’t MISS EM. Really you want to KISS EM but you DISS THEM.

Yes I love you but keep your DISTANCE. I can’t be around you, I can’t RISK IT. I’ve been good for a long time and I want to remain CONSISTENT.

It doesn’t help that i saved every picture, every VIDEO. How we did it, where we did it. .. every SCENARIO.

It doesn’t help that you’re sexy from head to TOE. But i gotta GO. Do I miss you? ? You’ll never KNOW

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No Sex

I don’t want to have sex,  I just want to kiss your LIPS. To see if the connection EXIST.

I don’t want to have SEX, but I’d like it if your BREAST was PRESSED up against my CHEST. My mouth on your NECK.

I don’t want to have sex but I want to see you NAKED. I want to show you what I got, tell me if you can TAKE IT.

I don’t want to have sex but I need to know if we’re a MATCH. I’d hate to be feeling you only to find out the sex is WACK.

I don’t want to have SEX. I just want to know what to EXPECT. So I won’t have no REGRETS


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